About Us

Outdoor Phone Store: Rugged Phones Australia is a division of HATM Magazines Ltd, ABN 90 986 204 881

Rugged Phones Australia is a division of the New Zealand-based Outdoor Phone Store, which is ranked by the giant Alexa Analytics as the #1 rugged phone website across the Tasman, with 94 times the traffic of its main competitor. The Outdoor Phone Store has 2.5 times the global reach of some of the big Aussie sites and is currently #2 in the world behind Amazon and ahead of VerizonWireless USA at #3 (March 2019, Alexa).

In the late nineties we had a Vodafone handset franchise, and we’ve been supplying rugged outdoor phones for the past seven years, ever since the genre emerged.

Our philosophy is simple:

  • Survey the many different brands of rugged mobile phones globally available
  • Identify the units that will perform best in Australia, NZ and the Pacific
  • Ditch the ones that don’t meet our rigid quality control standards
  • Offer only the best, most reliable rugged phones still left standing

The best rugged phones in the world are all manufactured in China (even Cat), and Chinese factories in conjunction with European rugged phone design engineers are turning out models that even giants like Samsung and LG can’t compete with.

Take a look at our selection and compare them – feature for feature – with any phone offered by Optus, Telstra or Vodafone, and we know you’ll be impressed.

We are GST registered in NZ, not currently Australia, so we are not charging GST on our prices yet. Our tax invoices are nonetheless fully tax deductible as ordinary business expenses.

We hope you enjoy browsing and we look forward to you joining the thousands of other customers who’ve purchased rugged phones from us.

Heidi Wishart
CEO, Outdoor Phone Store