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EFFECTIVE APRIL 2022: Outdoor Phone Store and AGM Mobile have partnered to ensure Australians have access to genuine versions of the world’s most reliable rugged phones: AGM models with factory-backed warranty cover.

WHAT THIS MEANS: Outdoor Phone Store is the official distributor in Australia and New Zealand authorised by AGM Mobile to supply or service their phones in this region. Every AGM phone we sell is authentic, giving customers peace of mind amidst all the uncertainty of parallel imported models. Only phones purchased from the Outdoor Phone Store are covered by our factory-backed warranty.

Welcome to the Outdoor Phone Store: Rugged Phones Australia. Our mission is to sell the most reliable versions of these models, not the cheapest. Unlike major western phone companies like Samsung, which make their phones themselves, companies like Blackview and Ulefone design phones and then sell manufacturing rights to hundreds of competing independent tech factories. Some will manufacture using top quality components, while others compete on price by using cheaper – less reliable – components. While this method of outsourcing manufacture allows China to rapidly upscale to meet demand, it is also why Chinese tech has such a mixed reputation: a Blackview model built by one factory might be brilliant, while a batch of the same model built by a rival factory might be absolute rubbish (you can read more on this here).

We’ve had our own purchasing agent in Shenzhen since 2013, so we buy from factories we trust and avoid the nastier versions you can find on sale at cut-price websites because they just don’t last.

Most of our clients are in mining, farming and other industries where phones are mission-critical. They want rugged phones they can rely on, and out of all the models you can find out there – the ones on this page are currently the only ones worth buying. They are not “glued shut”, nor are they the versions built from cheap low quality components.

If you need help choosing one suited to your needs, call or leave a message below…


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Welcome to Rugged Phones Australia, the ONLY place in the country you can purchase genuine Blackview and AGM rugged phones with a 2yr warranty AND screen replacement cover. Look for models with screen replacement warranty. We have the best rugged phone warranty in Australia, don’t find that out the hard way.

Why we have decided not to sell the Blackview BV9900 and BV9900 Pro: The phones unfortunately cannot be repaired in Australia as they are glued shut, meaning any attempt to open the phone will cause it to lose its dust and waterproofing, which customers would find incredibly disappointing on such expensive models in a challenging land like Australia. Rugged Phones Australia will continue to offer the BV9800 and 9800 Pro models, as they offer similar features but with double the battery life, and more importantly are fully serviceable here, which means they are a better and more reliable option for our business customers.

Australia’s best rugged phones are just down the page. We don’t sell the unreliable glued-together sub $500 phones that can’t be fixed if anything goes wrong. So if you are looking for cheap junk phones, you have come to the wrong site. Nor do we sell any of the Ulefone or Doogee latest models – they cannot be repaired in Australia.

*Source: Alexa web traffic rankings by Amazon, May 2020

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The 4G-Extended collection includes the only rugged phones in the world capable of working anywhere in Australia or the world that mobile coverage is available. Don’t be fooled by stores offering “the largest range” of mostly glued-shut and unserviceable phones: these phones are it, they can be serviced here and they work on Telstra, Vodafone or Optus. Any questions, call us on 1800 123 983 or click the “Leave a Message” tab at lower right. For international clients, you will need to check your own country’s customs requirements – any duties or fees are your responsibility. Our English language helpdesk is available for ongoing support.

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